Greg Seider has created for and worked with notable culinary and cocktail destinations such as; The Lounge at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bernardin, The Mercer Kitchen, Asia de Cuba, LOT 61, The Box, Minetta Tavern, and The Standard Hotel in Miami, and created the beverage concept at Larry Ellison’s Nikita Malibu which grew the concept into Soho House’s Little Malibu Beach House. Seider founded award winning Manhattan Cricket Club and The Summit Bar, which in 2010 New York Magazine named Best New Cocktail Bar New York City.

He is the author of Alchemy In A Glass: The Essential Guide To Hand Crafted Cocktails; The Luxury Collection Cocktail Book, Co-Owns the award winning cocktail bars The Summit Bar and Manhattan Cricket Club, and consults on and partners with dozens more F&B programs, events, and brands worldwide. Seider has created elixir programs at the botanical based dispensary The Alchemist Kitchen and was recently the creative director of the botanical herb inspired Alchemy Bar at The Assemblage NoMad.


Launching the newest addition to our overall culinary wellness beverage programs, SH has now made SeiderHouse Elixirs available, and co-branded with, selected Hospitality and F&B programs globally. This new inspiration stems from our vision of creating a healthier and higher vibrational drinking experience. One that fosters a sincere, joyful, engaged interaction for clients, friends and family to connect without relying on alcohol to provide that stress relieving state change.

While the elixir formulations may be blended with your favorite spirit, they have that same calm inducing, blissful energy that tastes like a outrageously delicious hand crafted cocktail without the side effects of a boozy night out.


Growing up outside of Newport, RI Seider was was blessed with having access to the sea to harvest fresh seafood and a Mother and Father who created an amazing garden with a wide array of fruits vegetables and herbs. From mouth watering peaches, epically delicious tomatoes, and wide range of wild herbs, the garden of his youth kickstarted a lifelong explorations of flavor profile, ingredient combinations, and the ongoing search for most impactful components of natural foods. This shaped his palette and super taster ability since he only experienced the most energizing nutrient rich foods from the get go. Seider had multiple allergies as a child, as well as a deviated septum, which temporarily restricted his sense of smell leading to a deeper need to find and marry compenents that had benefits beyond just first contact flavor. This hurdle passed over time but the process of sourcing, building, and combining ingredients to meet that need remained a foundation for what was to come. Since 90% of what you initially may taste is from smell he learned to focus on the deeper notes, the lasting tastes, and the feeling of what you’re eating or drinking. Hence his superhero ability of tasting was born. “ Wonder Twin Powers Activate”

Seider continues to be fortunate to work with some of the world’s best chefs; from Jean Georges, to Eric Ripert and Geoffrey Zarkarian. Seider has been exposed to a vast array of some of the Earth’s best ingredients and this culinary variety helps inspire how he creates flavor profiles with food and drink. When you complete the process by journeying to to those same exotic and far off destinations you truly experience the entire essence and base experience of those products. From this Seider is truly able to create a transformational, sense-memory, tasting experience for our guests and clients to indulge in.

Seider’s creative approach to creating cocktails is what makes every one of his drinks memorable. Through his understanding of ingredients and how they go together Seider creates well~balanced drinks filled with flavor and dimension.
— eric ripert, chef and co`OWNER OF le bernardin
Why Seiderhouse Elixirs are powered with Adaptogens?

Adaptogens provides a calm clear energy which allows you to handle the complexities of high stress while having fun and avoiding burnout. They promote maximum calming and restoration after a long day of work or just working out. Adaptogens also are a perfect adrenal restorative and sets you up for a great nights sleep.
— Roger Drummer, Master Herbalist, Founder of Herb Works

Seiderhouse Elixirs are hand crafted using the highest energetic, WILD CRAFTED sustainably harvested plants, adaptogens, herbs and ingredients. Why WILD CRAFTED?.

Wild Crafted plants are harvested in the wild in nature. This plants grow under environmentally challenging conditions. Unlike cultivated plants grown under controlled situations the wild crafted plants become more potent and powerful because of these challenging stresses. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” We collaborate with a core group of the top herbalists and formulators from around the globe that specialize in harvesting these highly energetic plants.

The culmination of these relationships is a product delivered to you an Outrageously delicious and Optimally energizing health restorative beverage. Restorative,healing and potent energetic ingredients are powered by Mother Nature along with cutting edge innovation to restore the body balance and activate your inner Hero’s soul.

“Here’s to experiencing a delicious Life Enjoy, Cheers, Receive the Hero.”


Not just for the grown ups. The benefits from super hero elixIrs is there with some great benefits for kids. Low energy, unfocused, compromised immunity, grumpy depressed,mental mental acuity are some of the conditions children deal with. feeding them fruit juice and soda contribute to this unstable behavior patterns. The adaptogenic plant formulation and ingredients in super hero elixirs act as a equalizer board. They re~center the children mood to be mentally nourished, emotionally balanced and deeply energized without over stimulation.

ADAPTOGENS are a unique category of herbs that facilitate your body” “adaptation” to stress. They help your body maintain, build or fix its own natural healthy processes, even if your exposed to a wide range of external and internal stressors. For example adaptogens can help increase cortisol if its low or lower cortisol if its high. They normalize body imbalances. by supporting adrenal function, they counteract the adverse effects of stress. They enable the body’s cells to access more energy; help cells eliminate toxic byproducts of the metabolic process and help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently. They are the superhero’s of the plant medicine world,

Seiderhouse elixirs create “Real Energy”, which means it is a calm clean energy that takes the edge off without overstimulating the body

THE INDIVIDUAL ENERGETIC FORMULATIONS are specifically created with the adaptogens and plants to activate different energy systems. So what ever you need help activating we have just the elixir for the job.

Brain/ Mental Clarity Cognitive Boosting , Brain to Body Energizer

Joy /Blissful Energy, Serotonin and Dopamine Boosting

Grounding/ Anti Stress Anti Anxiety, Re Centered

Immune Building/ Anti Oxidant Super Charge, Feel good Euphoric Energy

Balance/ Invigorating Energy, Immune, Detox, Digestion & Metabolism Booster

Take a sip of Seiderhouse for Mental Clarity , Elevated Mood, Adrenal Support, Increased libido. , Stress Reduction, Increased Energy, and they taste Outrageously Delicious.